Strike! EP

by Peggy Hogan

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Four songs for voice and glockenspiel recorded by Matthew Otto in May 2011.

Album artwork by Stacy Lee


released January 28, 2012

Voice & glockenspiel: Peggy Hogan

Recorded and mixed by Matthew Otto
Album artwork by Stacy Lee
Music and lyrics by Peggy Hogan



all rights reserved


Peggy Hogan Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: 9 to 5
Remember when love tasted like peppermint and thyme?
You were always there for me, ready to unwind
my stress, ready to confess how you feel blessed
to possess my caress.
Then I faded from your tapestry
and I waited for your downbeat.
It's a shame that the next time we speak,
I'll have to give you my two weeks.

This boy is like a 9 to 5
and I'm working all this overtime
to maintain the grace we had in the first place.
I'm not punching cards no more,
watch me walk out the door.
Sick of getting underpaid
for love that's first grade.

'Course when I'm ready to leave
you start to see the good in me,
tell me my eyes are stars,
constellations in your heart, shining from far.
I understand it's hard to let go
of the strings attached to your puppet show.
I'm not cutting ties but you have to realize
affection's not something you can deny.

Track Name: The Rocks I Hit
I wanted to tell you 'bout the lightening this morning
but I'm reoccupied with love.
I spent the afternoon tying on headscarves,
hoping around you they'd fall off.
I thought this song was going fine until I realized
all I've talked about is you.

Thought you were the kind of pretty only worth seeing
under the glow of the sun.
Turns out you're full of light, the problem being
I'm drawn to you like a moth.
And every time I seem to get a little close to you
I feel my wings scorched in your flame.

Can you blame me for trying?
I thought I saw you in my cards.
My faith is swiftly diving,
I guess I misread you heart.

I never knew you to be so disarming,
but now I see I had you wrong.
I couldn't see past the string you kept dangling
'front of my constant reaching arms.
And even when the winds turned on my little fantasy
I thought I was still sailing on.

But you were the rocks I hit
I'm sinking like a stone,
I'm sinking like a stone.
Track Name: These Restless Moons
I fought the westerlies, came back to this small town
didn't realize they'd filed me in the lost and found.
Lying down at night, I felt unclaimed
like turning out the lights, I turned off my gains.
You turned up in my dreams just to wake me up,
you dragged me to my past I'm spinning in cup
where unrooted flowers are rarely picked up.

Where were you when I turned my clock back?
The curtain dropped but I thought there was a third act.
I followed you thought there was nothing to shrink from.
Now I wish I'd never seen those breadcrumbs.
I don't have a door for you to show up to
'cause I've been chasing you through all these restless moons.

Last time I walked these streets in shoes to grow into,
coming back the blocks seem harder to weave through.
I was sure I'd see you turn the corner-
all these blank faces making luck run shorter.
Something about this coast as changed,
the landscape has be feeling caged.
Ships floating out of harbours
have me pulling up my anchors.

Track Name: For the Love of God, Stop Asking: A Love Story
You saw my indecision, raised me walks on the waterfront,
took my confusion, divined me a smoking gun.
You rocked steadily between affection and dejection.
I mistook you to be just a friendly confection.

When the lights are low
I just want to know
you'll stand steady for me
won't get heavy with me.
We'll watch the sunrise
but don't be surprised
if I look past your eyes
you'd better recognize
I've never been your baby.

You kept me on my toes and danced me onto eggshells
and though they broke with every step you kept me under your spell.
I denied you my private eye
you didn't need to see me to collect your heart's supply.
And though I never loved you you kept my heart a-pounding,
boy, you know I don't like the feeling of being surrounded.